Move-In Checklist

Welcome to your new home!  We want to ensure the transition to your new home is an easy one so we’ve put together the following checklist.

  • Once you have signed the lease to your new home, it is your responsibility to have the electricity and the water turned on in your name before you move in.  You must physically take the lease to the power company and to the water provider.  They will stamp the outside of our lease as proof that you completed this task.  Bring the stamped lease back to our office when you pick up your keys.
  • We will prorate your rent if you move in after the first of the month.  Be sure to bring a check or money order.  We no longer accept cash.  Show us the stamped lease, pay the 1st months rent and we’ll give you your keys and the Move-In Move-Out Inspection Form.
  • When you arrive at your new home you need to find and check the circuit breaker box.  This can usually be found in the laundry room or utility room.  Make sure all breakers are switched to the “ON” position.  We will sometimes turn off the hot water heater when the property is vacant to conserve energy.  It may take several hours for the water to become hot.
  • Complete and return the Move-In Move-Out Inspection Form.  If you do not return this form, you will be liable for all damages to the property.  This form is only for things that do not need fixing.  For example, a red stain on the carpet or a tear in the vinyl floor.  If there are items that need to be fixed immediately, such as a dripping faucet, write them on a separate sheet of paper and turn them into our office.